Makeover Photo-Shoots – Best Value Services

Makeover photo-shoots are very popular, transforming your everyday look into that of a professional model, with a permanent reminder of how good looking you really are. The challenge is selecting a makeover studio that offers best value.

Sadly, the public perception and reputation of the high-street photography industry is tarnished by those that charge extortionate amounts for poor quality images. In fact, in most major cities, many in the target market (women in their 30s and 40s) know someone who has been grossly over-charged in this way, and are suspicious of all photography businesses. The good news is that there are high-quality best value makeover photography businesses – you just need to know what to look for!

There are two operating models for high-street photography studios: free and low-cost shoots with high image costs, and all-inclusive packages. The key to arranging a successful shoot is to understand the difference and select the right studio for your needs.

Makeover Photography studios that offer low shoot fees recover their operating costs selling images after the shoot. Superficially, this seems good, as clients only buy the images they want. However, the clients that buy images have to cover the studio’s operating costs for both their shoot, and those of clients who do not buy any images. Moreover, many clients feel compelled to buy some images, whether they like them or not, as they have expended time and effort attending the shoot. This type of studio rarely advertises the cost of their images, and is often characterised by a conveyor-belt style of photography, whereby all clients go through the same preparation process and are photographed in the same location against the same background, to maximise the studio’s productivity and profitability. So, people attending free and low cost shoots, usually end up paying excessively for a small number of generic images.

Conversely, makeover photography studios that offer all-inclusive packages recover their operating costs on a pro-rata basis, based on the length of the shoot and the number of images supplied. The risk with this approach is that you are purchasing the images before you have seen them. Conversely, this approach gives you real choice in agreeing the styles and looks that you want from the shoot, agreeing a price for a tailored service, and allowing time for you to relax and appear at your best in the images. Most importantly, studios that offer all-inclusive packages openly advertise the total cost of their services, so customers can compare prices.

On balance, the all-inclusive makeover photography studio operating model is better for those clients who want a high quality set of images, whereas the low-cost shoot studios are better for those who just want a shoot for fun and don’t really care about the resulting images.

Last but not least, potential clients must carefully examine the quality of each studio’s images. This can be difficult to judge, depending on the range of images available to view in each studio’s portfolio, the studios’ integrity in displaying the images that they shoot everyday, and the relevance of the portfolio to the style of images you want. The best solution is to ask short-listed studios for references from previous clients – good studios offering tailored services will have a good relationship with their clients, and should be happy to provide references.

So, in summary, if you want high quality best value makeover photography, select a studio that shoots high-quality images, offers all-inclusive services tailored to your individual requirements, and can provide you with excellent references.

You can view example Makeover Photo-Shoot images here.

Essential Basic Facial Expressions for a Photo Shoot

Much of the attention in photo modelling is given to the way a model poses and dresses. Yet, little or no attention is giving to facial expressions. Expressions will make or break a photo shoot. Photos will be soulless and tell nothing. It is suggested that every model has a couple of expressions, which she is good at, up her sleeve. That way it gives character and meaning to her photos. I would like to advice some of the very basic facial expressions, which a model should practice in front a mirror and master.

In order to improve the overall facial expressions when posing for a photo shoot, a model should use her hands, palms and fingers in a way to compliment and maximize her expressions.


This should be a straight forward and easy emotion to get across in your photos. Think of enjoyable moments with your family and friends, or funny situations that keep bringing a smile on your face.

You can run your fingers through your hair or hands can be held over the tummy when laughing out loud.

Loneliness and sadness

Here you should let your mind drift and detach yourself from your surroundings. You should look deep within you and come face to face with your worst fears and heart aches. In order to bring out the best emotions you should feel them rather than act them. Your facial expressions should be tense and stressed.

Palm of the hand can be held over the mouth or touching your temple.

Day dreaming and fantasizing

This is a pensive mood in which you dream about your aspirations, nostalgic moments and sentimental places. Your facial expressions should be calm and relaxed.

Chin can be cupped in both palms of the hands or head leaned over palm of the hand. Head can be rested on both hands too.

Sensual and seductive

For many models it comes naturally while others have to put more work in it. Most of the expressions should be transmitted through the eyes and the tilting of the head. Your facial expression should hint lustfulness and seductiveness.

Fingers can touch softly the lips with mouth parted. Your fingers can touch delicately other parts of the face like the cheek or the neck.

If you still find the above emotions difficult to master, I recommend you visit the nearest drama centre in your locality and apply for a short drama course. You will definitely find it very helpful. From my experience, I can say that models with a background in acting and dancing, usually find it very easy to express a wide range of emotions through their face and body.

To complement facial expressions it is vital that you know how to pose a model. Do you feel uneasy and most of the time stuck behind a camera? You do not have too feel this way, take action and start brushing your posing techniques.

How To Select The Best Photo Shoot Location

One of the most significant aspect regarding doing a professional photo shoot would be to pick a location which fits your persona. Start taking list of certain distinctive attributes that you want to display and think of locations that you’d think great and visualize a few of the photographs you could take there. Begin by taking a look around you a few days before you contact your photographer with suggestions. Many never take time to simply look around while they are on their way to work or to go just across the street to their most desired cafĂ©. Usually there is plenty of location right around you. Make a list of at least three different choices and have a few moments to notice what time it was when you checked it out. It is nice to find a place which compliments your persona.

Another significant thing to consider is what you would like from your shoot. Apart from the location which will convey practically the story as the model, wardrobe, expression of the shots, and so on. must also be looked at. Shooting in the desert will have a much different effect than taking pictures in a metropolitan location, and, is consequently likely to affect the story the images is telling. As much as the location itself tells a story, the attire and its particular relationship to the setting add to the narrative.

A guy in a fine suit, standing in the middle of financial district is going to look proper, thus, advertising the suit for its planned message and setting. On the other hand, a guy in the same suit standing in the middle of the desert will probably appeal to the viewer’s artistic, imaginative side. The advertisement is still likely to promote the suit, however, it’s going to get it done in a manner that pops out at the viewer, capture their interest as a result of its unnatural manner.

The more interesting, beautiful, and exotic the place, the more eye catching and unforgettable the photo will be. While shooting advertisement and editorial images, the photograph must be as unforgettable and eye catching as possible. This,however, may also be a photographer’s downside; in case the location takes away from the product or model, the photo can be a loss. Yet this is not something to be scared of. A simple improvement in the depth of field can remedy this. Depth of field is a photographer’s best friend when shooting out of the studio.

Nonetheless, before getting too connected to any shot in particular, run them by the photographer you would like to take the photos. Often, the photographer might know of the location you are referring to and necessary issues connected with it like permits, parking, and most importantly lighting concerns. They are a great resource themselves and might think of a concept that expands on what you want. It usually is a good idea to communicate with the photographer. Going to the photographer with ideas of your own is going to simply increase the creative synergy. All these, taken in account, added with shooting at the best time of the day, could put your shoot extraordinary, and leave you with a superb product. Get committed to the shoot and you’ll be amazed by the outcome.

Tips on How to Prepare for a Photo Shoot

How to prepare for a photo shoot – What to do and not do

Through my experience with female models I have been surprised by the large number of ‘models to be’ that lack the very basics to make a photo shoot successful. This has prompted me to write a short straight forward guideline that it is easy to follow.

On site one can easily point out which models took the tips seriously. It only takes just that little bit to turn a fair photo shoot into an excellent one.

So do you want to arm yourself with some essential tips to feel confident and act like a professional model? Do you want to be popular with photographers in order to get more hired jobs? As a photographer, do you want to direct your models with a professional attitude? If yes, then read the following with care.

Natural Look Makeup

Makeup should only be slightly heavier than normal. About like you might wear in the evening while foundation must be applied much heavier than usual.

Mascara should be clean and contains no clumps.

Use natural eye shadow, such as, shades of brown, blue, green and silver. Not black!

Eyeliner can be green, blue, white or black. If using black it must be very thin.

Use matte lip stick and avoid lip gloss.


Any hair style will do but I would suggest avoiding horsetails (except for theme shoots).

Finger and Toe Nails

These should be well groomed.

Natural or basic colours work best, so that they fit well with what you will be wearing.


Stay away from striped clothing. Solid colours such as red, blue, orange, brown, green, purple or other colours produce better contrasting photos. Black clothing items ideally should not be your first preference.

Avoid large, bold brand names or words on clothing.

Vary the style. Plan outfits completely.

Shoes should match clothes you are wearing and must be clean.

It is suggested that clothes that wrinkle up very easily should be brought on hangers. Wrinkled clothes do not look nice!


Wear golden (non-shine) tan tights, especially when wearing short skirts or dresses.

Session can be taken with or without bra, this subject to model’s discretion. If wearing a bra make sure it is seamless and it fits properly underneath the clothes you are going to wear. This stands too for other underwear items. With today’s thin fabrics you might want to carefully select these pieces so they do not give unsightly lines.

Tip: black coloured bra on black/brown clothing, skin coloured bra on white clothing, white coloured bra on coloured clothing

If you are doing any nude or partial nude shoots wear loose underwear and no bra for at least 2 hours before the shoot. Underwear leaves ugly press marks on the skin that take very long to fade away!

Personal Hygiene

You should never shave legs or other parts of the body the night before the photo shoot. This should be well planned beforehand.

Watch those underarms!


No watches. No rings. Again these must be removed at least 2 hears before the shoot.

Earrings should be simple in shape and moderate in size, except for ring earrings.

Ideally no other jewellery should be worn. If wearing a necklace makes sure that’s dainty.

If you wear contact lenses, bring with you your glasses in case you need to remove them.


Take with you any props that you would like to use (any other item that you feel that it might say something about your character).

A hat matching one of your outfits is always suggested as a prop item.

In your personal bag you should have:

Your hair care tools and products Wipes

Brush to clean clothes Mirror

Small make up kit for retouches Foundation

Last but not least

Have a good night’s sleep the night before the shoot and restrict your alcohol and tobacco intake for a few days before the shoot – it all shows in your face.

Please do not cancel without sufficient notice and for no good reason. Time is money for the photographer.

Please switch off mobile phones during the photo shoot.

It is strongly suggested that you do not take your partner/lover/boyfriend//girlfriend/husband/wife during the photo shoot. Both the model and the photographer can be inhibited from giving their best. On the other hand, if it makes you feel more at ease, a friend with the right attitude can be helpful during the session.

By following the above mentioned tips you can turn a photo shoot in one that is both productive and relaxing. If you are yet not sure on how to go about directing and posing a model, I suggest you do some homework beforehand so that you never get stuck behind the camera.