Model Photo Shoot

If you are one of many people that want to get listed with a modeling agency, then it is advisable that you hand them a portfolio so that you appear to be an experienced model. The only way you can hand them a portfolio is by having a photo shoot with a friend that’s good with photography or by paying an actual photographer to take photos of you. It is the first step to become a model, and though it may not seem necessary, you may be surprised on how big of an impact it will be when wanting to get listed with an agency.

Posing for Model Photo Shoot

When you are posing in front of the camera, make sure that you are as relaxed as you possibly can be because if you are tensed during the entire shoot, the photos will end up looking pretty lifeless. Be full of energy in your model photo shoot and I assure you that your photos will end up super amazing. Make sure that you flaunt all of your angles and be as natural as you possibly can, as the more natural you are in front of the camera the nicer your photos will end up.

What Should You Wear?


Have a casual attire, but not too casual. A simple t-shirt and jeans is perfect for any photo shoot. Have at least 3 different clothes for the photo shoot, as agencies and agents want to see you in a variety of clothing. If you have formal clothing, then wear formal clothes in your photo shoot because the more variety you deliver in your portfolio, the easier it will be for you to get listed by an agency.


Make sure that you have a casual attire, semi-formal, and also a formal attire so that the agency or agent will see you in all types of clothing styles. The more clothes you have the better because agencies want to see their potential models in a variety of clothes. In a couple of shots wear heels, but also make sure to wear flats because you don’t want to have just one theme in your portfolio.

How Much Makeup is Necessary?

Both male and female models need to wear makeup in their model photo shoot whether they like it or not, because if you don’t wear any makeup, you will end up looking lifeless and washed out in your photos. For males, concealer, press powder, blush, and lip balm is all you need, as you don’t want it to look obvious that you’re wearing makeup. For female models, make sure that you wear a minimal amount of makeup, as you don’t want to look super different without the makeup. Wear natural looking makeup, but still conceal your imperfections, as agencies want their models to have perfect looking skin.

So essentially, if you truly want to become a model, then make sure that you try and follow all of the very simple tips stated above.

Have a Fun Day Photo Shoot With Girl Friends

If you like get togethers with girl friends, and are looking for something fun to do, here’s an idea for you! Get together, fix each other’s hair, and have a photo session!

You would just need a few things:

* Snacks(everyone bring your toothbrushes for after snacks and before the photo shoot!)

* Curling irons, hot sticks, hair bows, hats, scarves, hair pins, and hair spray.

* A handful of friends(teams of 2 would probably work best, and since it’s a photo session, you probably should limit it to 4 or 6 friends total.

* At least one pretty wall-use as many as you want!

* One or more cameras–if your friends have good quality cameras, those are the most fun to play with! Pics turn out so clear!

Have everyone wear their favorite top, or a solid colored shirt. Take turns fixing each other’s hair. After one group has fixed their partner’s hair, add hair bows, hats, scarves or whatever you want to finish the look, and take pics! After your first group’s pics are done, repeat the process with the partner!

Try out some fun poses!

You can take pics of best friends, sisters, mothers and daughters, or a group photo(use the timer on the camera!).

You can also face a decorative mirror, and have the picture taken of your reflection in the mirror.

You can use props, and one that I think it a lot of fun is….a fan!!! You can put it behind you or in front of you!

This would be a great, inexpensive and fun get together! After you are finished with the photo shoot, you can take your memory card to WalMart or another photo center and get copies of your favorite pics!

And above all else, have a great time with your friends!

Top 3 Best Ways to Direct a Model to Pose for a Photo Shoot

A common situation that a photographer is confronted with quite often is the proper way a model should be directed, in order to follow your directions. There is a fine line between guiding the model politely and being too intrusive to get your message through. As a general rule you should never touch a model without asking permission to do so.

Working with a number of different models, I have found various effective ways in order to get the models follow my directions with ease. Below I have outlined three different ways, that I am sure you will find them beneficial.


I cannot stress enough the fact, that for a successful photo shoot planning should be done well in advance. Upon discussing with your model issues such as clothing and location, you should advice your model to do some homework. Tell your model to buy some fashion magazines and pick any poses that she likes. Before meeting for the actual photo shoot, inform her to bring along some of the picture cuttings, in order for you to understand what style and type of poses she is eager to do.


Another way that has proven to be very effective is to ask the model to bring along a female friend. This can turn out to be very helpful when you simply cannot get the right pose from your model. You can politely ask her friend to move your model around in the way you want. This way, through her friend, you would have a pair of ‘virtual’ manipulative hands. You can have a female assistant to support you instead of a friend, but needless to say, this would incur more costs for the model. Also, there is no guarantee that the model would feel comfortable with this set up.

Body Language

When the spoken word has no effect, resolve in using your body language. This is very effective. Through your body, you can direct the model by showing her how much to tilt forward, turn, bend or move. Due to various reasons, this is not always practical. This is due to the size and flexibility of the photographer and the complexity of the pose. In such circumstances some pre set hand signs can work wonders. Agree on what signs mean what before you start the session. You will be amazed on how much work can be done without uttering a single word at times!

A word of advice

Most of the time, a model would find no objection in letting the photographer guide her physically, by prudently touching and directing her. Obviously this is to the model’s discretion. On your part as a photographer you should respect your model and work in a professional way. As you go along, your reputation as a photographer will precede you. Having a sound and trustworthy reputation would make your interactions with future models less of a head ache both for you and the models.

Also, one must keep in mind that It is imperative that you built up your expertise and know how in directing models to pose. A photo shoot can run smoother and be more productive if you possess the right skills to pose models successfully.

Makeover Photo-Shoots – High Fashion To Casual Comfort

If you want to feel really special, and have a permanent reminder of how beautiful you really are, then have a makeover photo-shoot!

We all lead very busy lives, and it is often difficult to find time for yourself, let alone to dress-up for a glamorous event. At the same time, we are all bombarded every day with images in magazines and on television, of celebrities and professional models immaculately dressed and beautifully made-up, whether they are attending a party or cleaning the kitchen! This can adversely affect your self-confidence, making you think you are less attractive than those around you. The solution is simple – a specialist makeover photo-shoot, that reminds you just how beautiful you really are.

Makeover photo-shoots are quite different from traditional portrait photo-shoots, as the aim is to transform you from your everyday appearance to that of a professional model. The makeover element includes the services of a top make-up-artist, and the best studios have their own wardrobe of clothing and accessories, to help transform you into whatever style or look you want. Thereafter, specialist photographers use the same photographic techniques used to shoot models, to transform your everyday appearance into that of a model. The tricks-of-the-trade applied by the experts include: selecting the right poses for the client, to emphasise their best feature; using different styles of lighting, to further emphasise aspects of the subject; using different sets and backgrounds, to create the right context for the images; and applying the same post-processing techniques (known as air-brushing) used to produce marketing and celebrity images, to remove those little imperfections that make us all unique!

A key feature of high quality makeover photo-shoots is your ability to select the styles that you want, from high fashion to casual comfort, thereby allowing your personality and preferences to be captured in the images. Perhaps you would like to be photographed in a ball-gown in a traditional style, in casual clothes relaxing, or in your sports kit showing-off your healthy figure. Whatever the styles you want, a good makeover studio will accommodate your requirements, whether you want a single stunning image for display in your home, or an album of images displaying the different facets of your personality.

When arranging a makeover photo-shoot, you should be very selective. It is important to consider the total cost of the shoot (the shoot itself, the images, printing, etc), whether you own the copyright of the images (so you can re-print them whenever you want), how many outfit changes and different backgrounds are included, how much time you have in the studio, and the quality of the images in the studio’s portfolio.

If you arrange a makeover photo-shoot with a good specialist studio, you will have a really fun day, and a wonderful set of images, that will boost your confidence and last a lifetime.

You can view example Makeover Photo-Shoot images here.